A Week in the Life of Chuck Powell

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For our blog this week we decided to give our followers a little glimpse into the life of CKC’s owner, Chuck Powell. This is just a small look into the many job duties Chuck handles in a week.

Each morning he starts his day off by reading a devotional with his wife Kristal. After he is done with his devotional that’s when the chaos starts. And by chaos I mean getting three young kids up, ready for school, fed and the treacherous school drop off dance. Once the kids are dropped of at school, the real work starts.

18222126_10212915220783527_7497271592069335532_nChuck is not only the owner of CKC Custom Homes, but also the superintendent to all of our job sites. So his first priority in the morning is going to his job sites to check on things. When he gets onsite he will walk the entire house inside and out to check on the progress of work from the previous day. He is also checking to make sure the site is clean; CKC prides itself on having clean, orderly job sites. When he is onsite he is also engaging with our contractors: answering  their questions, criticizing work, ect.

17917166_10154255304321290_2786274904074159851_oAfter he checks in on his sites, he will head into the office. It is about 2pm by now. He switches to his other hat as owner and CEO of CKC Custom Homes. When he is in the office he will handle a number of job duties. Some include, managing payroll for the contractors, helping the team with any questions or concerns from the day, managing warranty request for our past clients, meeting with the team to go over job site progress and delegating tasks to the team to keep construction progressing.


17436157_10154196904551290_6245491981892722818_oAfter a good 10 hour work day it is finally time to go home and relax and spend time with his family! Chuck Powell has about a hundred job duties to get through in a day, not including family obligations. Hope this job was helpful in giving a little insight into the busy day of a custom home builder.