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Top Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2017

By May 26, 2017August 26th, 2021No Comments

One of the best things about living down south is the pristine climate. Texas boasts some of the mildest winters around, meaning more time can be spent enjoying the great outdoors. With an average temperature just under 70 F, San Antonio and its surrounding areas house some happy homeowners. Recently, we at CKC Custom Homes have taken notice of the outdoor living trends becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients. If you are preparing to build your next custom home, take a glance at our list of “Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends” to utilize your backyard space in a whole new way.  

 Aquatic Allure

During the peak of Texas heat, it’s easiest to cool down by relaxing in the pool. A well-placed outdoor water feature can also create a peaceful, backyard getaway and enhance the beauty of your home’s natural surroundings. Whether a modern pool with a dramatic waterfall – like the Dominion Modern CKC Custom Homes featured above – a pond, a fountain or a wall detailing, a custom water feature will add elegance and relaxation to your home.  

Exterior Cuisine

There are countless options when it comes to constructing a custom outdoor kitchen or BBQ area – decorative concrete, natural stone and marble are only a few materials to choose from. Cook up your favorite delicacies in the comfort of your own home while also enjoying the outdoors and keeping an eye on the kids. If you are fond of entertaining guests, this feature is a must have. The scale of your outdoor kitchen is completely up to you – create an additional kitchen as grand or as subtle as you desire.  

Distinctive Viewing

Watching the game has never been more relaxing – you can even take a dip in the pool during the commercial breaks. More and more CKC Custom Home customers are requesting outdoor screens to accent their outdoor living spaces. Backyard patios have become extensions of the classic living and game rooms. You can even host a unique movie night against a backdrop of the night sky.  

Libation Station

Stone_Oak_Modern_Custom_Home-san-antonio_81A Backyard bar is the ideal addition for the social butterfly. When surrounded by a pool or luxurious garden, a bar creates a lovely visual aesthetic, but also serves a functional purpose. A bar is perfect for keeping drinks and hors d’oeuvres stocked and on hand for distribution at your classiest soirees.  

Burning Hot


With a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, you don’t have to retreat indoors when the temperature dips after sunset. You can also sit outback even during the colder winter months. Imagine your family sitting snuggly, sipping on hot cocoa as they warm their hands. The custom elegance adds warmth and light to your backyard living area.

No matter your motivation – cuisine, relaxation or entertaining – when it comes to your dream home, anything is possible. Use every inch of your new custom home to infuse your style and aesthetic, which includes your outdoor living area. Make the most of your new home’s potential and contact CKC today.